Not So Wordless

I know today is a Wordless Wednesday but how can I be wordless when there are so much things going on lately?

First, today marks the 10th days countdown. Don't ask me how the preparation is going on because honestly it hasn't been progressing. Is it OK if we're more excited about (finally) moving in together? I know that H is. He's all stressed out over the incomplete furniture at our future shack that we went to IKEA for 2 weekends in a row! Not to mention that we spent a total of 6 hours cleaning and tidying up the place so that come 28th (insya Allah), the house will be ready - for us!

On the wedding part, I am glad because so far we managed to settle what we can ahead of time. All the weekly trips to Jalan TAR and Semua House were worth after all. My principle is simple - what I can control, I will control and make it a habit to plan ahead of the time. Insya Allah, you won't stumble. What I cannot control, I will leave it in the hand of God and pray that everything will be OK.

Sometimes I am scared of the slow pace that I am going. Orang lain macam makin dekat makin banyak kerja tapi aku siap boleh lepak mengeteh hari-hari dengan colleagues lagi. Apakah? Am I too relax? I don't feel any of the wedding jitters (yet). Am I not normal or it hasn't come yet to me? Apakah aku ini? Dahla tidak ada motherly instinct, bride instinct pun takde ke?

God, I had a row with my dad last week. A terrible one I must say. I don't normally believe in all the zodiac personal traits shit but I do kinda agree on this one. Taurians are stubborn creatures. Period. My dad and I are Taurians so when we had our opinions on something, it will take a whole load willpower and courage to change our mind. Just imagine when two Taurians had the mind of their own. Third World War I tell you! Suffice to say, when he came over the weekend, I was chicken shit to meet him but turn out he was OK. One thing I learned, Taurians are forgiver. Hehe. But I respect and love him regardless though I might not show it. He is my all time hero after all. Period.

10 days. Wow.


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

moose, your wedding sama hari dengan sarah ke ek? nak dtg boley????

bitsANDpieces said...

relax? aku pon mcm itu jugak. jangan lupa senyum tau moose!

Moose said...

yes, on the 25th. boleh, i'd be glad. kindly email me your address at snowyqueeny@yahoo.com so that i can mail out the invitation card.

aku cam pelik apsal aku relax sangat ni. cam dah malas nak amik tau pasal wedding. mak aku asik2 tanye pasal decorator pun aku cam malas nak fikir. aishh..

bride2wife said...

Moose..it's ok to relax!!!!! The day will come and no matter what you gonna enjoy it!!! Trust me...

See you this weekend..jgn malu2 kucing..HAHA

dedalie said...

good luck and all the best with the wedding! mmg tu la part paling seronok, when u finally got to move in with each other..hehe

reena said...

Kalau sekarang masa i komen ni kira dah less than 10 days la kan? OMG kejapnya masa berlalu. I plak yg saspen. Hehe.

Bab Taurian tu i fahammmmmm sgt! Sebab i pun Taurian. Hehe. Stubborn is our middle name kan? Heee.

Moose said...

i so hope that i can really enjoy the day!!

yeah, see you this weekend. need to pass up the invitation card. forgot to pass it up the other day. hehe

thank u darling! hehe, ni bukan part seronok miang-miang tapi ni part genuinely seronok sebab cam wow, we finally get to move and live in together. cam surreal gitu kan

by the time i balas komen u lg 8 hari. miahaha. yezza, stubborn in our middle name tapi bila kena deal with another taurian, padan muka balik. hehehe