Lagi 23 hari, kemalasan pun melanda.

Malas nak update blog, boleh?

H might be joining his company's team building at the Avillion Port Dickson, a week before our wedding.

Without me. Can you believe it??!!!

So tak aci.

Of course I can't join. We're not even in the same company. Duhh. Saje nak drama. Kata drama queen. Haha.

28th was our gaji day, and I only have few Ringgits left in the bank account. Ok, tipu but yes the money is getting less and lesser at an alarming rate. So scary that I am afraid to even check out the balance.

Dey, bila mau dapat bonus?

But seriously I doubt if the Company ever gonna give bonus to its staffs. Cheapskate! Pffft.

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si kecil said...

haaiipp!! jgn malas! update ape yg patut. teaser ke ape ke..