As of late, I've come to realize that rezeki do come in every possible form and that God works in a mysterious way.

Eventhough my career still hasn't exactly take off (to where I want it to go) and the fact that I hate my lousy job and its measly pay, I do believe nonetheless I was blessed.

I made a conclusion today that while the rezeki destined for me might not come in a career form or even money just yet, it comes in a free movie ticket form!

HAHA. Sounds crazy and confused?

I only came to realize that after I received a call from the organizer of a movie contest on Thursday evening. Apparently yours truly here had won (another) 2 free movie tickets from a contest that I forgot I entered out of blue and for fun's sake. The tickets are the in-season movie pass to watch The Chronicles of Narnia 3 and the contest was organized by the GSC-EON credit card.

I took part in the Spot & Win contest, the easiest among them all just to kill my boredom at that time. Every 100th entry will win the said prize. Meaning, every 100, 200, 300 and so on entry will win the prize. But, what are the odds huh?

Like, amazing! Duhh. Hahaha.

This marks the third time that I won such prizes i.e. free movie tickets. The prize might be small and not that much of a value to some but it means a lot to (a loser like) me. Like they say, every big journey begins with a small step.

Who knows that big journey might be heading my way, soon?


sumpit said...

not as big as the one tht chased after those radio cruisers and sang a hoobastank song by the drain, complete with an air guitar and her eyes closed to a group of strangers who voted her as the best of them all, deserving of the 2 tickets to a hoobastank concert. Tht's me by the way, and hey, i wouldnt be seeing those so-called 'audience' anymore, although i did recall seeing the chinese uncle and sikh guy with the turban around my workplace... but heck, i won the ticket, so who cares? :D

harzharun said...

wei...dgn sgt mudah ko menang kan...hr tu dah menang!!!..mmg rezeki!...tetiba aku cam nak cari balik la borang peraduan kecik yg aku jumpa dalam paket gula2 woods...kat mn letak ni..huhuhu

Moose said...

aku memang respek sape yg will do anything to win the contest. kawan aku pernah drag aku pegi subang parade just because she wanted to participate in a BSB contest. kalau menang dapat ticket tgk konsert BSB.

dah dapat malu kena perform atas stage, tak menang plak tu. nasib baik BSB cancel konsert kat Msia..huhu

dumb luck je tu. i saje2 masuk sebab boring gila kot masa tu kat ofis. tak expect boleh menang. selalunya you'll get when you least expecting, gituh..

missbutterfly said...

hahaha..gile lah!! best tak narnia?

nizabeba said...

weewit..ok la tu ade gak menang contest..mcm aku ni lg hampeh..haha..btw, enjoy the movie k..=)

sumpit said...

hahahaha, 2-3 kali aku pikir apalaaa bsb tu? backstreet boys ek? hahahhaha, kalu aku pon malu gak :p