My hands are full, my eyes are tired

18 days.

Who would have thought? Every good thing must come to its end. But I say, the end is the new beginning of another wonderful journey. A halal one. Insya Allah.

I received a lot of questions from families and friends, one being - how's the wedding preparation?

Honestly I don't know how to really answer that question. My answer would normally rate the mood that I am on that particular day;

It's Ok. Alhamdulillah, doing fine. So far so good - is the normal response on a given good or slightly good day.

OMG, I am so sick of running here and there (and to the mile length of complaining) - is the typical response given on a bad, hectic and stressful day.


One of my friend is getting married this weekend. This year alone, about 10 friends are getting married. It seems that the age 27 is the settling down age for most of us. I personally think that age doesn't matter as long as you're ready to face the responsibility of living together and starting a family on your own. I never actually set any "target age" to settle down. I am more of a "go with the flow" kinda gal. That whenever I feel like I am ready, I am ready. Alhamdulillah, at 27, I feel like I am ready and so does H. Your partner readiness is very important as it determines where the relationship is heading to. I had friends who was ready to commit at the age of early 20's but her partner does not. When that happens, it's either one has to tolerate or parted ways. And it's always a sad thing to do.

I have drafted a lengthy entry on my wedding progress that needs tweaking here and there before it is finally being published. In comparison to some, mine is a simple one. I wish for a simple and fun, yet a barakah wedding, where formality is a foreign word. I still have not draft an event flow or any program, which is surprising considering how anal and perfectionist I can be when it comes to planning. Maybe at this late stage, with about slightly over 2 weeks to go, I am tired of planning. Maybe I come to realize that an event that is not thoroughly choreographed, with bits of flaws will eventually be a meaningful one. That flaws will finally become something that worth remembering for.

I know that deep down with my perfectionist and anal traits conflicting, I eventually have to drag my poor tired self to draft the program/event flow thingy and that I am just procrastinating. But isn't procrastinating a fun thing to do at the moment? I have had my hands full for several months, 10 months to be exact and it feels so damn good to not do anything at the moment.

Ah, the bliss.


sumpit said...

aku rasa bila mcm dah dekat sgt tu,
mcm kena pasrah je...

aku yg known by my family as a perfectionist pon,
last2 redha je dgn the imperfections.

too many things to do, too little time.

but then again, benda yg penting tu simple je, so long as tht one goes well, everything wont matter as much anymore ;) (and make sure u got tht on video tau!)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

18 days left?

Wow. Cepatnya.

I have 9 more months to go. I think time will pass by so quickly for me too. By that time, korang dah ada junior dah kot? Hahaha. Or waiting for one.

As much as you hate talking about wedding, I know deep down you love all beautiful stuff, kan kan? Hihihi. So nanti, post pictures banyak2 ok! :)

Good luck and chill! Pengantin tak boleh stress!!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

redha itu penting :) kenkadang, hal2 yg unexpected tu pun akan jadi sempurna. good luck to u moose :) stay gorjes on ur big day!