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Gosh, I just realized that I haven't actually finish the review on my wedding. I know it's already been 4 months since the so-called big day (nothing big and grand about my wedding, honestly) so I guess, I better hurry up.


Since we just received the wedding albums of the three receptions (solemnization, my side of reception and his reception), it's really appropriate to start the review on "Services" with the photographer.

I made it known in this entry that we hired Fadza Ishak as our OP for the solemnization and reception in Perlis. He (alongside Fad Manaf) was recommended by arwah Taufiq Shariff (May he rest in peace). I think I already mentioned the quality that we're looking in OP in the previous entry already. I love the moment captured, the soft editing and the vintage/indie flair/feel to it. Love love love!

Now, our tandang OP is a bit tricky because we didn't have much say in it. It's the same OP during the engagement. Now, I shall reserve my comments about it. Didn't want to spark any uneasy feeling and controversy! HAHA.

But me being me who like to take matters into my own hand, I know that the event for my tandang is a bit grand-er (which is subjective) to what we had during my super simple homey wedding, so we engaged in a back-up photographer. A friend of mine introduced them to me knowing that we had the same taste in photography. Again, that vintage-y and indie feeling. Besides, their work was feature in UK wedding website when they covered Fad Manaf's wedding. Can't comment much on their outcome cos we haven't got our photos yet.



I bet, you already knew about our last minute decision about videographer and the luck that was on our side. We were lucky to able to hire CST during solemnization (at cheaper price). I love the video highlight to the max, and our friends love it too. I gotta take credit for the song selection because I chose it! Very catchy and fun, isn't it? Watching and listening to the song makes me happy as I am not a fan of sad and sappy wedding video. Boleh depress kot kalau aku tengok! And if you are wondering where is the reception video, no, we didn't have any.

Recap of the solemnization

Untitled from Mustaza Mustafa on Vimeo.

Bertandang videographer is nothing to shout about. Very plain and old fashion. If I have the time, I'll put it up. But to edit and crop it into watchable length is painstaking that I might give up. But, we'll see about that. There is one segment that I'd love to share with you lovelies. Do wait, ok?

Ok, what else? I think OP and OV are the key-point of a wedding. And they my dearest, can make or break the memories of your day. I would really recommend you to invest a little bit more on the photographer (and videographer, if you want to have any) and follow your heart's desire but be rational, ok? My heart desire is Max Wanger but that is absurd isn't it if I were to follow my heart's desire. What I meant was, follow what is within your means. I already write (bad) review on the caterer and DJ so they don't deserve to be mentioned twice here.

So, does that mean that I am done with the wedding review?

Phewww, *wipe sweat off forehead*


p/s: I am very private person when it comes to photo sharing and Facebook. But, I am giving the chance for you to view my wedding albums though I am only giving access to friends of friends only. So here's the link to the album:

{ Teaser } Solemnization
{ Teaser } Reception
{ 251210 } Outdoor

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