Wedding Shoes

”Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different. You need a pair for every mood – and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods.” – Anonymous

Truly, I would consider myself as a shoe girl. I do not have any fetish towards shoes but I just love them, a lot. I have all kinds of shoes - flats, towering heels, Chucks, sandals, boots. You name it, I got it. As for the wedding shoes, I know that I never wanted to wear those cookie-cutter pointy wedding shoes that just looks so matchy matchy with the wedding dress itself. I even made it known in this entry and this about my preference.

I love my wedding shoes. Didn't mean to brag but I do, I really do especially my nikah shoes. It's a gold 4" sling back peep toe ala Christian Louboutin. Which is a major point because I adore Louboutin's shoes. I saw the quite the same shoes on the net and instantly knew that I wanted the same one. Luck really was on my side because I spotted a similar one at fraction of the price at Vincci about 3 weeks before the wedding. What are the odds, huh? But, can you believe it? Vincci y'all! Jadi pengajarannya di sini adalah, yang murah itu tidak semestinya tidak cantik dan tiada kelas.

The shoes for the reception was bought at Tangs, Pavillion. It's again a 3" satin sling back peep toe and I purposely bought it in gray (though I was wearing white) because wearing mismatching shoes IS my signature style. I would wear blue top and jeans and wear red ballerina, I mean there's no written rules that you have to match everything, right?. Besides, gray was the theme colour for the wedding. So yeah, I incorporated that into my outfit.

And there, the story of my shoes.
"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."
- Imelda Marcos

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r3bL said...

nice goldie shoes, yall! ;D