Live Life Healthily

One of my resolution for 2011 is to live a healthy life. That would count eating healthily and exercise regularly. So far we only managed to get the eating part right. But that part also went down the drain whenever we went back to Perlis. Hehe. Oh man, living so close to Thailand is such a heaven. The awesome and cheap food. Nothing can beat the authentic Thai food in Thailand. So delicious!

Okay, let set the food topic aside. All these talks about food make me hungry!

Those who in my Facebook may already know that I had myself registered in the Standard Chartered Run. It's one of my dream to run a marathon but for starter, I go only for the 5km run. It's been a while since the last time I run and God knows how badly my current shape is.

H was so full of motivation few days ago that he was determined to run at 6am in the morning! He tried waking me up but to no avail because his darling wife loved her sleep too much! And poor man had to jog alone. Hehe, sorry sayang! Feeling guilty, the very next day I woke up early from usual, got into my Nike's and ran. Tired? You bet I am, but surprisingly I feel so good afterwards.

It takes a lot of determination and motivation to start running again but I do hope that this determination is to stay.

p/s: Come and join me in the Standard Chartered Run on 26 June!


r3bL said...

good luck on ur first run ;D i'll be joining SCKLM too. ;)

Moose said...

hi there! which category?