I was on medical leave today because I got diarrhea. Lately my stomach isn't as strong as it was before. If I eat more than I should, I'd get a diarrhea. If I eat the leftover from yesterday's dinner, I'd get a diarrhea also. I guess, age has finally catching up.


Whatever, age is just numbers. Denial.

Since I got no time to kemas rumah during the weekdays and sometimes during the weekends due to kendurilah, family event lah, apa lah. I took the opportunity to clean up the house despite the here and there trips to the loo. I had proudly single handedly vacuumed and mopped the entire house. Scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen and the fridge. Needless to say, I am like Cinderella today, a nickname that once belong to my husband. Hehe.

I took the time to re-arrange the food stock when it occurred to me the memory of Tupperware containers neatly arranged in my mother's kitchen. I supposed all of us grew up with bringing and tapau home-cooked meal to school, right? I particularly love its water container that despite chucking it inside my school bag, my school books were not drenched in water. And there goes my excuses for not finishing my homework. Sigh.

Back then, I couldn't understand my mom's excitement of getting new Tupperware containers. Now that I am married and finally see the importance of a good and quality storage container, I finally understand why her eyes glisten whenever she got her Tupperware.

I am becoming, dare I say it:

a makcik!

Now, where can I get my share of Tupperware container(s)? I want to buy!


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

betul. aku setuju!
Rasa macam makcik2 je.
Aku dah siap cop nak 'pinjam' mak aku punye tupperware nak bawak balik sarawak nanti :)

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...
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TheBubblyMe said...

askum... try call this number. Lina : 0126523715. dia agent Tupperware. =D

Reen Tart Nenas said...

babe, ai start kumpul tupperware masa bujang lagi. pastu join jugak main kutu tupperware. so pas kawen, most of the bekas tu dah ada :) yg penting2 je la. hehehe best kan? rasa cam bangga giller je susun cantik2 and dlm bekas tupperware :)

reena said...

I dealer Tupperware, tapi malas nak jual. Boleh?

hidden.wing said...

I know im becoming 'one' last two weeks. Rekod 2 jam kat kedai Haji Ismail...belek pinggan mangkuk :p

Cik Belle said...

ahaha. ko ni buat aku rasa makcik jugaklah!

banyak dealer tupperware kat internet babe. aku beli online je. huhu

Moose said...

reena! jual dkt i pls! haha.

haji ismail dkt langkawi ke? that shop was the best! we went there 2-3 hari after kahwin. memang rambang mata nak pilih pinggan mangkuk! lol.

link pls! nk cuci mata jugak!