Plan B

My dream plan to celebrate the fact that my husband is old a year older includes fine dining at 5-star Michelin restaurant with sky view with me wearing silk wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg and Brian Atwood pumps. My husband would look polished and handsome in his tailored Hugo Boss suit with a hint musky manly smell of his Gucci perfume. We would be dining and dancing as if the world is ours.

But yeah, who am I kidding. We're so not that kind of people. So we got into our casual get up and opted for plan b instead. Literally.

Plan B via timeoutkl

Plan B is this (not so) new eatery located in Bangsar Village I, opposite Starbucks. It's a cafe/restaurant with the interior of industrial minimalist/cozy New York cafe in summer night. Gitu sekali aku describe, entah betul entah tidak. Bantai saja labu. Haha. H had the option between Ben's at Pavillion or Plan B in Bangsar of which both outlets conveniently belong to the same management group, to choose from. Ben's is more upscale (and expensive!) and being the considerate and loving (puji sket) husband that he is, he chose Plan B.

So Plan B it is. And we can forget our diet plan as well.


I had crispy duck salad and it was the bomb! I liked it so much. The sweet tangy orange slice blends well with the bitterness of the (unknown) salad leaves and the duck meat albeit it's too crispy for my liking. Husband's spicy crab meat fettuccine or was it spaghetti (?) was so-so but nevertheless good. I ordered lychee lime for the drink while my husband ordered watermelon lychee that I can get at mamak. Aiyoo, like you dine somewhere special but ordered watermelon lychee?

So uncultured, my husband.          


Lemon Tart via chocolatecatsz

There was no birthday cake or even cake but we had lemon tart and apple crumble pie with vanilla ice-cream for dessert. Like I said, you can kiss your diet plan goodbye.

Overall, food was good, ambiance was nice and the price was ok. The fact that I make fun of my husband getting older was even nicer. But the fact that he pointed out that I am 1 month (only!) older than him was not nice. At all.



Qis said...

got me LOL at your last sentence! (or was it 2nd last?) :D

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Sedap tak Plan B? Ben's KLCC had just recently opened and everyday penuh je orang queue up..been there twice but to be honest, there is nothing to shout about. The salad is probably the nicest menu there la. Sorrylah, all the restaurants yang owned by the same people ni (Ben's, Delicious) tak sedap sangat pun. Dunno how anybody else feel about it. Probably just my anak tekak kot. I miss CPK and hate it that Ben's took over my favourite CPK :(

hidden.wing said...

Now we know where to head for crispy duck!

(sentap sbb kat Bali tak merasa bebek tsk tsk)

Moose said...

haha. benci tau. aku 1 bln lg tua dr dia je kot. kecoh gile

honestly, my husband's pasta was so-so only but taste nice cos they add in the coriander leaves as garnishing. coriander is my favourite herbs so i'm bit biased here. my salad was good. the dessert that we ordered was good too but nothing to shout about. the tough thing abt food in restaurant that some might be good some might be just average depending on whether it's their specialty or not. so to be safe, we normally ordered the recommended dish. hehe.

Moose said...

the crispy duck was to crispy for my liking, too crunchy sampai you can't enjoy the meat. but the dressing is delicious!

reena said...

Aiyoooo matermelon lychee boleh beli kat cafe ofis i. RM1.70 only. Hehe. Btw, Plan B ni nampak macam menarik. Dessert dia camna? Banyak choice tak?

Moose said...

tula. actually he wanted to order apple mint tp tkde pulak. so dia order watermelon lychee. tp ntahapehape. haha

dessert dia mostly cake, or at least the ones that we saw sebab concept plan b ni cafe/restaurant kan