Wonderful Man

In life, we may take a wrong turn that eventually lead us making wrong decisions. But the decision to get married was (one of) the wisest decision I've ever made. I can't thank Allah enough for I have been blessed with a wonderful man whom I love dearly and whose hands I won't let go. The wonderful man whom I seek solace in, whose advices I swallowed and digested quietly despite my stubbornness. The same wonderful man for 9 years (and counting) has been my best friend, my heart and my soul.

That wonderful man is old a year older today.

I love you 'til death do us apart.

Happy birthday Sayang.


reena said...

Happy birthday suami Moose! May Allah bless him always.

hazlynda kushairi said...

Happy Birthday Haikal! Have a blast.

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

awww, sweet! Happy besday Haikal n selamt buat suprise Moose :)

Rabia Sensei said...

Oh, it's so romantic~~

Happy birthday! May both of you live happily ever after.

I envy you ;p