Time Management

When we first got married, my husband and I were both worried that we might not be able to hang-out and spend time with our friends like usual. Most of the married couples that we know of rarely hang-out with friends like they used to. I understand that some of them had to juggle with kids, visiting the (parent/family) in-laws, family events that sometime it sucks up your (free) time especially during the weekends.

During the earlier months of our marriage, we found it hard to cope with all of these (new) activities too that sometimes we didn't even have time for ourselves and I would unintentionally get all cranky because let's face it, weekend means rest and chillex. For almost 10 months prior to the wedding, we spent most of the weekends running here and there for the wedding preparation that I thought after the wedding, weekend is meant for curling up under the duvet, waking up late, doing the house chores. Or simply, doing nothing.

But luckily over the time, we managed to adjust with the situation. The key point is good time management. We would go and visit my PIL on the weekends, either on Saturday or Sunday. H's close friends would come over to our house (without fail! hehe) on Friday night for lepaking/movie session. That would leave us at least one day free to ourselves, but depending on ada kenduri or any family event that need to attend. Sometimes on a very busy weekend, we don't even have time pun nak lepak-lepak dekat rumah and sometimes malam baru balik. Penat tu tak payah ceritalah.

I am sure lot of newly wedded couples face this kind of situation kan? We are lucky to have only 1 set of parents to visit weekly because my parents are living in Perlis, so we go and visit them every 2 months. If we have to visit 2 set of parents weekly, penat tu lagilah tak terkata.

Because of the tight schedule, I don't cook during weekends. Weekdays pun I just masak simple je or depending on what time I got home. If I got home early, bolehlah nak masak ayam masak lemak ke, ikan stim ke, kailan oyster ke kan but if balik lambat makan benda simple je la. My husband is not a fussy eater which alhamdulillah makes my life easier. Then, we want to eat as healthy as possible, so a lot of healthy cooking is involved. Meaning no deep fried, fried or oily food. Nasi pun kukus (rice cooker tu dah berapa lama tak pakai, pakai steamer je), sayur pun stir fry je. Lagi la senang masak. I could beat Jamie's 30 minutes meal tu. Hehe.

Lepas ni boleh buat Moose's 29 minutes meal (not including dish washing). Ahem.


reena said...

Amboi Moose's 29 Minutes Meal huh? Hehehe.

I wonder, macam mana la i nanti bila dah kahwin.

Xora said...

Yup.. yup.. kalau parents dua2 belah tinggal dekat, setaman lak tu, mmg takde alasan tak singgah kedua2nya. tu lagi penat~~

Reen Tart Nenas said...

hehehe wpun my PIL dok dekat, tp cam rasa dh lama je x g melawat. hermmm

sumpit said...

is there any calorie difference bet. steamed rice and rice cooked the traditional way with the rice cooker?

Rasanya takde kot... yg pasti nasi kukus mmg lg sedap, n texture dia mmg perfect la IMHO

Moose said...


taktau la ade big calorie difference of not but apart from the fluffy texture tu, since both of us only eat 1/2 rice cup je, steaming is the best method la. periuk nasik kitorg tu besar, so klo masak sikit mmg jadi kerak je.