In The Month Of May

The month of May isn't behaving like it supposed to be, or at least as what I expected it to be. Call me ridiculous but I expected May to be a month filled with wonderful things. I (would) get a new job, an increment, a wonderful husband (ok, this one I already have), you know all sort of wishful thinking what would eventually come true, on this particular month that is my birthday month. But in the cold harsh reality world that we're living in, none of the above come to reality.


In fact, to make it worst, my car had me surprised. It broke down not once but twice this month. To which the cause of it remains unsolved (and mystery). Checked the battery and the alternator, but everything is fine. I had the service center people do a thorough check-up on the whole car, besides it hasn't been washed for the longest time (and a dent on the right side), the car is in perfect condition. Which is a mystery to me on why it died on 2 occasions. While I was driving, it just died with no warning. Imagine how panicked I was when it happened. I was at Federal Highway at the peak hour with the usual massive traffic jam and it just died. Freaking died on me! The second time, it almost got towed but I insisted on driving it home but with no air-con, radio and light being switched on. Can you imagine driving home at (almost) 8pm with no light turned on? Crazy and dangerous but I cheated. I switched on the dimmest light. Hehe.

Then, there are ghost stories at the office. People been seeing and hearing things. Spooky and supernatural things. Tapi bukanlah siri Supernatural tu. Itu lain. So spooky that it had the whole office got together for a bacaan Yassin dan solat hajat on last Thursday night. I don't know what is the outcome but I guess, the effort should at least subside something. Or whatever that has been happening.

Tomorrow is the last day of May. I hope that I would see some good things happening in June, insya Allah. (so full of hope, little me) My husband's birthday is coming up in June. I don't know whether it's gonna be a good thing or not. Good for him but so no good for me (my wallet especially). HAHA.

Sayang, kidding!

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