We have been living in our unit for roughly 8 months and we only got to know yesterday that all these while, we have been praying towards the wrong kiblat!

When we first moved in, H was the one who looked for the kiblat. So he found it. Or so he thought. The community surau is just below our unit and for the past 8 months, I only been there once, well not counting this Ramadhan. My husband on the other hand went to pray there whenever he has time. Tapi macam mana ntah it didn't occur to him that the kiblat direction of the surau is totally different from us!

Nak dijadikan cerita, as I was praying last night, tiba-tiba it just struck me that our kiblat lain from the surau. Ours is facing the left side, while surau's is facing the right. So I raised the question to H. He said when he determined the kiblat, he was using a special kiblat compass and it was pointing towards that direction. We wanted to double check the direction again but I accidently left the compass in the office. Fikir punya fikir, I said, we better check with the Islamic Finder website on the bearing and use your iPhone compass je.

And then, bam. Memang sah salah. The correct direction is the one macam surau, like of course la kan. Lepas tu both of us were looking at each other. Senyap.

Then my husband softly said, "Allah Maha Mengetahui & Maha Pengampun"

Ya Allah, ampunkanlah kesalahan hamba-Mu yang jahil ini. Sobs.


senorita25 said...

Same with me Moose! Me and my friends moved to a new apartment and we kept praying ikut arah kiblat yg kitorang confirm betul, tp rupenye pas kaji balik, xbetul!! huhu Ya Allah, ampunkan la kekhilafan kita ni kan

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Sorry Moose. I wanted to laugh at your 2 last sentences. The way you said them was just too funny to pass. LOL.

But in any way, God knows best. I'm sure it was not intentional and God will not punish you for it. But lessons learnt, always check your kiblat! :)beadi

Qistin Fadzin said...

hehe... been there as well...

wud suggest u install free app from iPhone app store. try alQibla or iMecque. works wonders.

*skrg kalo tumpang solat rumah org, dh xyah tanya "arah kiblat mana?" heh.

rawsktar said...

me too. masa pindah tu, tak terfikir nk guna BB to check. pastu, one day balik keje, tgk matahari turun arah bertentangan dgn kiblat. ehehehe.