Last week we bought half a kilo of fresh prawns and I was excited to try out this butter prawn recipe that I got over the Internet. But haven't got the chance to do so until yesterday. Our Turkish German friend was in town for a business trip so we took him out for iftar. The day before that my car broke down in the middle of a busy highway (and got towed home!) and completely got me pissed off. I somehow managed to arrive home just in time for berbuka. My husband actually had RSVP-ed an invitation at Shangri-La but I am too upset to berbuka alone that I begged him to berbuka at home. He was so bengang. Well, siapa tak bengang kan kalau tolak rezeki makan free, dekat Shangri-La pulak tu! Tapi demi isteri yang cantik jelita lagi baik & bersopan-santun (perasan tahap dewa ni!) sanggup jugak. Ok tipu, I actually reversed psycho him. Hehe. Then the next day we went for iftar at husband's atuk's place. On Friday and Saturday we were at my parents' home.

So I only got the chance to try out the recipe yesterday. But unfortunately instead of having crispy golden egg floss, I ended up with scramble egg resemblance. Sedih gila.

Rupa-rupanya, I should have used 2 egg yolks & not 2 eggs. Padan muka, patutlah jadi scramble egg.


Lupa pulak nak cerita pasal our so-called getaway. Penat tanya orang sana sini. Last sekali, we didn't go far pun. Legends Int. Water Homes was a bit expensive for our 2D1N budget so we resorted to a city getaway instead. We went to Impiana KLCC which is like what, 10km from our home? Tak mencabar langsung! But it's ok considering that it was meant for a short getaway only. And H got his B-full class on Saturday so we couldn't go far even if we wanted to.

Overall, the room/hotel was okay. A stone away from KLCC. It was 4-star hotel and I made reservation through Booking.com 3 days prior. Rate pun not bad. Less than RM300/night incl. breakfast. The only downside, there is construction site for Grand Hyatt right in front of the hotel that it can get loud during the day but we're being told by the front desk the construction work stops at 8pm so rest assured your good night sleep is covered. Breakfast buffet spread was only so-so compared to its 4-star status. It was not as extensive and choices are limited. In Concorde Shah Alam, your eggs are tailored cook for you, how ever you want it to be. Tapi Concorde is 5-star so it's understandable. I saw only scramble eggs being served, no bull's eye, no (hard/half) boiled & no omellette. A bit disappointing actually. Nampak benar nafsu pelahap.


During the night we went jalan-jalan dekat KLCC. Gigih menapak dari parking tu balik ke hotel. Btw, they don't have an in-house parking. You have to park your car at their designated area in KL Convention Center. But fret not, they do provide shuttle transport from carpark to hotel. Kitorang saje je nak jalan kaki. Nak exercise katanya. The room was huge and the bathroom was squeeky clean. I have a thing for hotel's bathroom and its the first thing that I will scrutinized. Weird, I know.

It really felt good to have spend some quite time just the two of us. If money is disposable, I would love to do it again, every weekend!

That's what my husband tweeted the other day - "We can be like that forever, provided u get the money to pay for the hotel"

To which I replied, "U find the money, I'll find the hotel. Hehe"


sumpit said...

butter prawn tu mmg tricky. I've tried it several times, kekadang jadi, kekadang tak jadi, tatau apa yg tak kena.

And btw, I agree it's nice to stay in a hotel once in a while. Right after lepas kawin, we once spent two nites at the brand-spanking double-tree hilton only to go back to his place in serdang everyday to get some spare clothes, shoes etc and so that he can go to work as usual... cam sia2 je travel all the way to kl semata2 nak tido, but (some) hotels are always nice :D

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

aku macam tetibe nak balik sarawak mintak recipe kat akak yg pandai buat butter prawn tue. hish! terliur bace entry kau pasal makan walaupun takde gambar!

eh, punyelah aku tunggu ko review pasal legends tue. tak jadi rupenye.
hehe. comel je haikal tweet gitu. sweet yuuu! :D