Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I had a dream last night. It was so brief yet so vivid. In the dream, I was strolling along a park. A familiar park but somehow I couldn't make up where it was. I could hear the sounds of birds chirping in the distant, the smell of roses in the air and the coldness of wet grass brushing on my feet.

I was walking hand in hand with my husband. He smiled with the sweetest smile and brushed my hair off my face. As he was leaning to kiss me, I woke up and saw his side of the bed is empty. I panicked only then I remember that my soulmate is at a place 10,000 km away from me.

I sobbed softly, longing for his warmth touch.

Sayang, I miss you.


devilishskool said...


i feel for you.

no words can help you go through this.

hang in there.

sumpit said...

never had a dream like tht. But i once woke up to an empty bed, terus terkejut berdebar2, felt like i was in someone else's bed sbb that familiar feeling dah takde, then baru teringat, oh, memang dia dah balik, biasa-biasakanla diri tidor sorg2 :)

Qistin Fadzin said...

oh i hate that feeling too... :'(

reena said...


sya said...

aww Moose, that is sad. i'm really sorry to hear that. is he away for just a while or lama?

Moose said...

thanks all for your kind word. i'm actually tougher than this but it's the hormone that's talking!! haha. after the whole pms-ing is over, i'm sure i'm gonna be a tough cookie. well, until the next pms that's it.


to answer your question. technically he's there for a long time but he can come back every 3 months or i can visit him there. tapi 3 months pun is tooo long. ok, that's the hormone talking, again. lol

cicayanki said...

moose, three months is a long time! are you planning to visit him anytime soon?

sad lah, i hate long distance, be it relationships or marriages!

Moose said...


i dunno yet. to visit him anytime soon means that i have to go there in winter. i dread winter and him being there in the northern europe - not helping.

prolly i go at the end of winter some time in february or march. but initial plan is that for him to come back during that time and i go in spring/summer

Leonora Halim said...

hi darl!! found u.. hehhe..

i'm going to HCM next weekend... any tips? sopin... makan2.. eheh.. going as 'business' trip but ended up bringing hubby + baby + parents in law.. ekekkekek... extend jadik holiday plak...

Moose said...


i will continue my review on day 3 & 4 soon. hehe