Ho Chi Minh City - Day 2

After having our breakfast that consists of eggs, sardine (weird, I know), bread and Vietnamese coffee, our mission for day 2 was to go to War Remnant Museum. Growing up, museum is the only place that my dad would happily brought us to so I guess, going to museum has grown on me. So whenever I go travelling, I would make it a point to visit the museum.

War Remnant Museum primarily contains the exhibits related to the Vietnam War. And no, no display of Rambo there.

Seeing and reading all the stories on the war were really heart breaking especially the killing and suffering of the innocent people. Apart from weapons, Agent Orange was widely used by the American to fight the Viet Cong and due to effect of the chemical agent, the generation post-war is suffering from its toll. War is inhumane and it sometimes push the limit to the boundaries.

The museum was then closed for lunch so we went out to lepak somewhere before continuing out visit. We went to this cafe,

NOT! Haha.OMG, so scary ok if the cafe is really in operation. It looks like a haunted cafe.

After spending good another 2 hours at the museum, we then went to Ben Thanh market, to what else, to shop!

No pictures were taken because yours truly and husband were busy 'mengirai duit'


Fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon are going cheap at roughly RM10/meter. Bargaining skill is not needed much because prices are (almost) fixed. Well, unless maybe if you buy in mass quantity, then probably you'll get a cheaper price. We didn't buy much though, just enough for souvenirs to bring back home.

Review for day 3 continues...


Kelvin said...

Vietnam war was more of a massacre than war :(

rawsktar said...

i loveeeee saigon. i love the coffee..i love ben tanh! hahaha.

sumpit said...

u were in vietnam, and you had gloria jean's??? :p

Moose said...

masa tu lepak nak tunggu museum bukak balik. hehe. can't afford to drink vietnamese coffee dekat kaki lima tu. perut aku ni manja sikit. kang mau aku diarrhoea. so tanak amik risk.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

They said the fabrics in Vietnam is cheap. Even songket diorang pun best. Betul eh?

sumpit said...

Eh, jap nak interframe hehehehe

Dont remember the exact price but i remember thinking that the fabric wasnt as cheap as i was hoping for. But I believe it's the tailoring service that was kinda cheap.

I had 2 nice silk Ao Dais tailor-made in Hoi An for a price that my very tight budget allowed, so yeah, it must've been kinda cheap :)

Moose said...

Nawar, Eti:

nak cakap murah sangat takde la but at least murahlah dari malaysia.

i didn't see any songket pun. kalau kain tenun diorang tu ade la but didn't ask for price cos not interested. hehe.

banyak kedai dalam ben tahn market tu offer tailoring, from baju kurung to pants, suit etc. baju kurung boleh siap 1 hari tapi again, tak tanya harga sebab tak interested. hehe