Andalusia: Cordoba

We got train from Granada to Cordoba at 9.10am to catch but there was no one at the reception by 8.30am. We were told that it would take us 15 minutes by walking from the hostel to the train station but I guess the receptionist must be delusional. It took us 35 FREAKING minutes! And mind you, I naturally walk fast but for this, I walked twice as fast as than I used to! Shessh.

Arrived at the train station panicking cos the train was already at the platform, quickly retrieved the tickets (we bought online, thank God!) from the counter and made in just in time. Phewww. The journey took about 2 hours and we napped throughout the journey. Must be tired from all that walking and running, I guess. Hehe.

Took a bus from the train station to the hostel. Cordoba's tourist information centre is super helpful unlike in Granda and Sevilla. While in the bus, a local elderly man was kind enough to ask us to follow him cos he was getting off at the same stop. We were thankful that he offered because if he hadn't we wouldn't know where the stop would be.

Entrace to Hostal El Antiguo Convento
Took this picture the next morning

We loved the hostel to bits. The setting has a whimsical and quaint feeling to it and the owner was so helpful in giving us directions to main tourist attraction and cheap eateries. Location-wise, it's only 5 minutes away (walking) from the famous Mezquita-Catedral.

We didn't waste any time and went straight to Mezquita to witness one of the great Islamic architectures in western world.

The Mihrab
The seemingly endless pillars
The Christian part of the mosque
The mosque courtyard - The Orange Tree Courtyard
Gate walls of the mosque

Not far from the Mezquita is Roman Bridge but we didn't cross the bridge. It was scorching hot and all I wanna do was to eat ice-cream and rest under the shades. So eat ice-cream we did before continuing to stroll at the nearby alleys. 

Roman Bridge

Between the streets, we found a beautiful small alley full of flowers called Calle de la Flores.

Lepas tu jalan-jalan cari churros membawa dari Plaza de la Correda sampai ke Plaza de las Tendillas tapi malangnya bila jumpa, kedai jual churros dah tutup.

Misi gigih mencari churros

Then it was time for dinner so we went to a tapas restaurant not far from our hostel. It was non-halal so only we ordered seafood tapas and decided that after two nights in a row of tapas, we've had enough. Our trip to Cordoba was a bit relaxing compared to Granada because we decided that we wanna ditch all the Christians attraction such as cathedrals, convents etc. and focused more on Islamic monuments/history remaining there.

To be continue....


Wani said...

masyaAllah cantik!!shall put in my to-go list:) then refer to u later.hehe

Cik Atun Banyak Nama said...

I went there couple of years ago... Everything was so gorgeous that you couldn't help falling in love! Reading this made me wish I can be there again..! Best nya!