Andalusia: Granada

I uploaded this photo about 5 weeks ago via Instagram and now I can't believe that it's over. This is the itinerary of our trip and yes, that's my ugly handwriting that you're looking at.

We flew with Norwegian Air, Norway budget airlines similar to Air Asia. Our flight was from Oslo Gardemoen Airport to Malaga International Airport. The journey took about 3 hours and upon arriving, we took a train to Malaga train station before proceeding to Granada via intercity bus.

Arrived there roughly at 7pm and spent about an hour trying to find the hostel. Walked for few kilometres before finally spotted the hostel's sign. Once we settled in, it was almost 9pm and went for a stroll around the tourist attraction area.

Finding ways around

Then I saw this and quickly penned it down on the map. HAHA

The next morning, we woke up early and got ready for Alhambra. We bought the tickets few days prior to our visit and I tell you, I'll never do a last minute booking anymore. It's a miracle that we managed to secure 2 tickets at the very last minute because most people do their booking months ahead and tickets to Alhambra especially to Nasrid Palaces are of limited quantity. The main attraction of Alhambra (to us) is the Nasrid Palaces and our slot was at 8.30am. Ticketing booths are only open at 8am but when we arrived there at 7.30am, people had started queueing up!

The Nasrid Palace is so amazing and magnificent that it doesn't take you to be an architect to appreciate its beauty. The intricate calligraphic carving on the walls and domes of the palace and the soft light streaming from outside just magnify its glory. I am out of adjectives to describe the feeling. You just have to experience it yourself.

Close-up of the carving on the walls. Subhanallah
After we were done with our tour to Nasrid Palace, we then moved on to Alcazaba (still within Alhambra).

View on top of the Watch Tower at Alcazaba
Albeit panting while climbing the tower, all is forgotten to this mak buyung upon seeing such wonderful view. Oh yes, being 18 weeks pregnant (at that time) not going to stop me from all of these.

On our way to Generalife
We spent 4 hours at Alhambra and by the time we were done, our stomach (or at least mine) were grumbling with hunger. Took a mini bus back to the city and went to nearby restaurant for quick bite. Then, we just strolling around the city.

For dinner, we found a halal restaurant that served Spanish tapas, so we decided to give it a try.

The portion may be small but we were so full afterwards that we decided to call it a night! Head back to the hotel at 11pm and I dozed off as soon as my head touched the pillow. Long day awaits the next day because we were heading to Cordoba to see the famous Mezquita-Catedral.

To be continue....


Ezria Shamshir said...

Looks yummy! Can you share the name and address of this place? Mana tau ada rezeki nak pegi lagi ;)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

OMG. Been wanting to visit Spain for years!!! Bila lah boleh pergi ni. Must ask tips from you if ada rezeki nak pergi nanti :)

sumpit said...

cantiknya. i read there's a water fountain there tht automatically sprouts water each time masuk waktu solat, wonder if it's true, and how they engineered it...

i need to find the time to go there la. Been wanting to since I read about it almost 20 years ago, tp tak kesampaian lg :(

btw, at 18 weeks, mesti rasa cam tak pregnant kan? Enjoy it while it lasts. 3 months is really not long enough...

cicayanki said...

Cantiknya Moose! Thank you for sharing with us :)

ps: Glowing mom to be!

LisaLisut said...

your handwriting lawa lah. i suka.hahaha.sungguh bertuah dpt sampai ke Spain ok..

Mak Beruang said...

The portion may be small <<< YOU ARE SO PREGNANT

reena said...

Love your bag! Hehe.

Moose said...

ala, i tak ingat mana but it's near the arabic market & catedral. kitorg pun masa tu jalan2 then terjumpa.

if you have the moolah, please go! southern spain pun jadilah. it's definitely a must place to visit

Moose said...

my friend used to tell the same thing tapi taktau how true is that cos we didn't hire a guide there. tempat yang ada lion statue/fountain tu nama dia court of lion tapi sekarang under restoration jadi takleh masuk.

yes, belum rasa pregnant sangat though seluar dah snug.

Moose said...

glowing eh? muka berminyak tu! hehe

alhamdulillah rezeki. kalau tak kerana duduk norway ni tak merasa jugak nak jalan2 europe lagi. nak pergi dari malaysia memang taklah. tak mampu!

tu share 2 orang ok! bukan aku melantak sorang2. haha

Moose said...

thanks. it's from marni for h&m.

ashieBee said...

i agree :)) southern spain is definitely worth the visit. yg paling must visit if u happen to be in spain :)

Ami said...

Moose,sorry i tak update pon on granada etc!!But i'm sure you had a great trip.looking at you travel masa preggy nie, teringat my ownself hehh perut besar pon sibuk pegang map,kejar bus/train :)