Sneak Peak on Spain Trip

Sorry for the long hiatus. For those who didn't know, H and I were away for 5 days for our (backpacking) trip to the Andalusia region in southern Spain.

I wouldn't say that it was a babymoon trip because to my understanding, a babymoon trip supposedly be a relaxing trip but trust me, there was nothing relaxing about this trip! We city-hopped, went sight-seeing all by the means of public transportation and man, lots of walking involved! Sometimes, I think that I'm Energizer bunny and kept forgetting that I'm pregnant.

I will write more on my trips but before that, I will leave you with some pictures taken that had been posted on my Instagram while we were there.

On board Norwegian Air

Magnificient Alhambra, Granada
Nasrid Palaces in Alhambra
When in Spain, eat like a Spaniard
Mezquita-Catedral, Cordoba
Quaint hostel in Cordoba that we loved to bits
Chocoloate con Churros
Checking out at another quaint hostel in Sevilla
Taken right after taking off from Malaga leaving behind wonderful memories

Toodles for now. I have 2 buckets load of laundry to do!


Ihsan Khairir said...

Alhambra is so photogenic, there's no wrong way of taking photos there!

Amalina said...

aku rase aku pon dok kat quaint hotel during my last trip to Sevilla..huhu..

btw lasak jugak mak buyong yee :p bukan ke utk pegi alhambra ko kne daki bukit? :p panas tak ?i remembered, mase aku pegi dulu temp was 45 deg..rentung!

sya said...

what a beautiful place! I'm hungry just looking at the food pictures- ahh!
bilalah kami nak sampai Spain pulak..^^

Moose said...

yes, alhambra is indeed wonderful! but make sure that you'll be there in the morning esp when visiting nasrid palaces cos somehow i think the morning light will just magnify its glory.

Moose said...

lasak tak lasak kembang gak kaki berjalan. lol. nak ke alhambra tak naik bukit pun. ade shuttle bus dari plaza nuevo ke alhambra & albayzin. kalau nak mendaki, jangankan aku, haikal pun boleh pancit.

masa kat granada tu weather tak panas sangat. lebih kurang malaysia je. sebab kitorg pegi time spring kot. tapi ikutkan spring pun dah 32C kalau summer mau sampai 40C!

Moose said...

kumpul duit banyak2! hehe. if you're fond of islamic art & architectures i think, southern spain is the best choice. there are lots of places to see and honestly 5 days is not enough. we skipped madrid & barcelona cos we think, they'll be just like another metropolitan.

Ezria Shamshir said...

Lovely photos! And those choco con churros...