Freebies Galore

Bila sebut tentang freebies or free stuff, jarang ada orang tak suka kan? I know that preparing for a baby can be costly especially when you're a first time mother and let's face it, not only you're lacking experience, you definitely can't resist looking (and end up buying) at those cute stuff they made for babies.

Lucky that in Norway, there a numbers of websites that offer you a welcome package (barnepakke) for free if you are pregnant or having children. Some websites require you to sign up (for free) to be their member while some don't. The signing up didn't take too long, all you gotta fill in is your details and EDD. Then, you'll receive an email notification stating that your application has been successful and that you need to print out the notification to redeem your package.

To date, I had signed up with Libero (a diaper brand), Rimi (supermarket chain), BabyBox (the package is to be redeemed at Apotek1) and Babyverden (the package is to be redeemed at Vitusapotek). The package from BabyBox and Babyverden can be redeem immediately (subjected to availability) at respective pharmacy chain. As for Libero and Rimi, a voucher will be send at least 3 weeks prior to the EDD till 3 months after birth and can be redeemed at selected channel of redemption.

The other day, I went and redeemed both barnepakken from Babyverden and BabyBox.

Shall we look at what's inside?

From BabyBox:

1. Decubal hand cream 2. A-Pro Vitamin A cream 3. Dr. Greve zinc salve (for nappy rash) 4. Sebamed liquid bodywash 5. Dettol hand sanitizer gel 6. Sebamed baby bubble bath 7. Bepanthen salve 8. Avent feeding bottle 9. Avent nursing pad 10. Blenda Sensitive detergent 11. Baby wipes 12. Fisher-Price wrist toy 13. Pampers sample diapers (newborn & 2+ months) 14. Avent pacifier 15. Always Ultra Dry Night pad 16. Always Ultra Dry panty line 18. Romper from Lindex 19. Parenting magazine and product catalogues

From Babyverden:

1. Sebamed baby bubble bath 2. Bepanthen salve 3. A-Pro vitamin A cream 4. Estelle & Thild body cream baby & child 5. MAM pacifier 6. Baby wipes 7. ACO cream shower & moisturizing body milk 8. Libero newborn/2+ months diapers 9. Product catalogues, vouchers & parenting magazines

I was deliriously happy when opening these barnepakken because they are seriously loaded with some awesome freebies! I personally think that such welcoming package should be made available or be introduced in Malaysia too as most of the stuff given are really useful for the baby later. It's also a good way to promote the products to new mothers. I'm still waiting for another 2 barnepakken from Libero and Rimi and hopefully they are as awesome as these!


Mawar misswateva said...

seronoknye oi.freebies meriah!

balkidz_hunny said...

Mewah nye barneypack nie. haha.suka hati aku eja.
Siap dapat botol avent kauuu! keles!

Ami said...

bestnya byk barang best siap dpt bottle avent!last time ami signed up kat mamas&papas,dpt voucher £15 huhu buat beli soft toys.

Tahirah A. said...

bestnya..and its all good stuff. dekat sini, if u deliver dekat private hosp, they'll give u loads of it. i gave birth dekat pantai, dapat diapers byk gila boleh guna for 1st 3 weeks, other than that normal stuff la, toiletries, wipes etc..sume nak promote barang..

Moose said...

mawar & kidz:

memang meriah. at first aku taktau pun benda barnepakke ni wujud. nasib baik rajin cari info. berbaloi gak.


dapat voucher pun ok. at least bolehla utk top up purchase tu

Moose said...


i don't mind if diorang nak promote barang dengan bagi sample. hehe. at least we can try out and see whether it suits the baby or not. jimat sikit dari beli full size lepas tu tak sesuai dengan baby. tapi okla if the hospital bagi diapers banyak cos newborn sure uses lot of diapers kan

sumpit said...

best gile!
I redeemed mine, the box looks smilar to your, tp sikit gila barang. Yg baby bole pakai is the dinky aje.
The rest multivitamin juice, mineral water, sample nivea cream, barang2 utk adult la kiranya... tah apa2...

Moose said...


yang babybox tu barang memang best compared to babyverden. padahal kotak babyverden tu bukan main besar lagi.