Kembali Bersiaran

Well hello there. I am now back in Oslo after spending packed yet fun-filled almost a month holiday in Malaysia. They say, time is running fast when you are having too much fun and it did! A month really felt like seconds and I wished that we could extend our stay but unfortunately we can't. While it's an eye opening experience living overseas yet, your heart belong to your Motherland. Orang cakap, hujan emas di negara sendiri, hujan batu di negara sendiri. Lebih baik negara sendiri walaupun serba kekurangan. Chewah.

So what we did when we're back? Like true Malaysian, apa lagi, makan makan makan!! And of course meet up with families and friends whom we dearly missed for the passed months.

At Williams. It took 2 guys & 1 pregnant lady to finish these 2 servings of spaghetti.

On the 2nd week, we drove to Kuantan together with MIL to cheer on my SIL who was representing Selangor in bowling event and stayed there for 3 days. On the second day we decided to drive to Pekan and had the infamous Musang King, the truly king of durians there. Eating durians will never be the same after you had Musang King.

This ain't no Musang King. This is D24 but is as good

Met up with Yaya and Aassim that night in Kuantan. Okla, jumpa Nizam sekali jugak. The last time I saw them, Aassim was still small and I squirmed when I held him. Ini dah besar dan kalau boleh satu mall tu dia nak tawaf.

Mommy & Mama belum ready, dia dah senyum dulu

Later that week, we went back to H's kampung in Melaka and had another good serving of backyard durian kampung! Talked about durian overloaded!

The following week balik Perlis for a week. We drove to Penang and what's Penang without nasi kandar, right? The line was clear when we arrived at 7pm probably because it was on a weekday but after Maghrib soon people started queuing up. Honestly nasi kandar was not my cup of tea, so can't say much about it. I heard the nasi kandar at Nasi Kandar Beratur was better but since they only open at 10pm and we were there only for a day, we decided to had one at Nasi Kandar LC instead. After that went to Padang Kota since my sister wanted to eat pasembor. I was still full to the brim and can't bring myself to even look at food let alone eat for another round.

Balik Perlis, paling penting dapat makan laksa Kak Su kat Kuala Perlis, sotong goreng tepung and most importantly my mom's cooking. Ok, entry ni dah jadi macam non ending series of Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. LOL.

Selain dari melantak, our mission was to buy baby stuff as well as confinement stuff and we were lucky that we managed to get everything during the recent Baby Expo. Memang one stop shopping lah masa tu and I was happy that I managed to stick to my checklist the whole time without being distracted. Tau jelah kan bila  banyak booth ni mulalah hati, mata dan tangan tu nak melilau tengok benda lain. Dalam masa ikut checklist tu pun ada jugak barang tak berkenaan macam breast relief pack and knick knack stuff like nail clippers, berus botol, baby gum & toothbrush etc. tu terselit. But then again, insya Allah semua tu nak guna jadi takdelah membazir.

Alhamdullilah, almost 90% of the items in the baby checklist dah complete. The only thing left is the baby's nursery and winter wear which is nak tak nak memang kena beli sini. Ikutkan hati nak je aku angkut Aussino bedding set haritu tapi agak melampau la bila fikir mana ko nak sumbat Moose oi. Jadi harus pasrah dan membeli di IKEA jela.

And oh, I entered my third trimester today. So yeah, the end is getting near. *shivers*


Reen Tart Nenas said...

paling best mkn kat kuala perlis :) rindu nyerrr

LisaLisut said...

u fully utilised ur holiday in malaysia.bagussssssssss :)