Second Trimester

Yesterday (read: 8th August - kantoi perap entry dalam draft) marked the first day of my third trimester and before I forget, I better jot down my second trimester milestones.

Since I had a smooth sailing first trimester, the second trimester was a bit urmm, challenging in a way. I experienced a painful heartburn that made eating felt like a chore. The pain would start at around 3pm and would last past dinner. I read up a lot on home remedies on the Internet because I didn't want to rely on taking antacids but none seems to work. I even tried cutting down food that can trigger heartburn but failed because I was craving for Malay food a lot during the second trimester that avoiding food with chillies is inevitable. After everything else fails, it suddenly dawned on me that the cause of all these might be the organic all vegetarian multivitamin that I was on because during our trip to Spain, I forgot to bring the supplement and boy, my stomach never have felt better. So, I took a couple of days off and just like that, heartburn was gone. Since then, I was off the supplement and couldn't be any happier.

Apart from that, I also experienced:

  • lush thick hair. I used to shed a lot of hairs around the house like an old cat that it freaked H a lot. Now, hello gorgeous commercial-like hair!
  • bigger boobs. I finally got the boobs that I always wished for. HAHA
  • very prominent linea nigra that it feels like someone just lined it with a marker
  • glowing skin. No SK-II and the likes is needed. I can just splashed water and dab on some moisturizer and that's all I need to look and feel good.
  • baby's kicking! For a moment when I first felt her/his movement, my heart was filled with rush of emotions. It can make even me, the most un-maternal person gushed!
  • edema due to long hours flight from Oslo-Amsterdam-KL and I didn't rest much after that. The feet were swollen that I couldn't fit into most of my shoes. A tip that my mom gives: elevate your feet with a pillow when you're sleeping. It helped as my feet shrunk to their normal size few days after that.

So far, I haven't notice any stretch marks but, I know that they'll appear sooner or later. For now, I am hoping that the Burt's Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter that people been raving about that I'm using since the beginning will work its wonder but even that you can't be sure. Still, I'm crossing fingers that they won't appear at all!

Unfortunately to date, I haven't taken any close-up picture of my bump and the closest that I or we can get are these pictures taken during our short holiday in Malaysia last month.

At 24 weeks


Tahirah A. said...

My stretchmarks appeared at the end of pregnancy..stress sgt sbb awal2 dah happy xde pape marks dkt perut..

Heartburn?..I tried to alter my diet, but it never helped..I need gaviscon at least a bottle a week! It helps..sampai kan I kept one in my handbag, one in the car, and one at home..lol

Oedema?..limb elevation does not work for me..angkat or tak angkat, I tetap with my elephant feet..hehe

~cahaya~ said...

Oh dear.. Strecthmarks memang tak best. My baby skarang dah alomost 5mo. Last 2 weeks I try premium beautiful, Alhamdulillah it slowly fade away.. :) Try la if u belum ada bengkung.. :)

missbutterfly said...

mus..im at 33weeks and aku sudah nampak tanda2 stretchmarks dah ni..tension!

Hidayati Farhan said...

Saya pon bangga dgn rambut yg commercial like ni, but not proud with my skin. Teruk muka kena jerawat. Pfft. N yes stretch muncul di saat2 akhir ni. Denggg

LisaLisut said...

I pn dh hujung2 preggy stretchmark mkin dtg.huhu.xpe nt bole ilang(ayat sdpkn hati sndri) . Ms i heartburn xthn sgt doc bg pil buang angin.xigt apa nama.xtry gaviscon la pulak aritu wpn teringin nk try haha

dura m. said...

My stretchmark appeared on my 8th months of pregnancy, and they were horrible. I dont even want to look at it..sebab till now kalau anak2 sedara tgk, diaorg sure ckp,

Are u carrying a baby? Kenapa perut ada lingkar-lingkar?

Lol. Huhu

balkidz_hunny said...

Stretchmark aku ade sket2 lagi ni haa. Tapi masa mula2 memang stress oii tgok di saat2 akhir dia muncul. danggg!

Bigger boobs? kelassss kau mus! mak ni haa, dari hari ke hari siap tambah saiz cup lagi oii. pengsan!

ps: oii, pesal aku takde dalam list chanteks? sentap nie, sentap nie. kbai! Haha

Cieri said...

I xd stretchmarks saaaampailah masuk 3rd trimester. tensen sbb masa pegi berurut at 28w,bidan siap puji perut lawa. skali masuk 30w TwT they pop out of nowhere.

heartburn also affected me and I had a bad case of badan berangin. kena pantang byk; no spicy,oily foods, no daun kesum, guava too. no nescafe and teas. kalau terconsume sikit aja abes 1 malam xdpt tido.
tuk heartburn, I makan pil gaviscon aja.

edema xyah ckp. dr 2nd trimester lagi kaki membesar dgn jayanya. I do tried to elevate my feet during sleep n midday but it didnt really worked. tapi since masuk 34w,edema dah kurang ^^ alhamdulillah.

Moose said...


oi nanti aku update. diba, yaty & pau pun aku tk letak lagi. belum complete lagi list tu

Mursyidah Ismail said...

please, do search for the meaning of cross one's fingers. i read a lot of muslim bloggers wrote such statement. i dont wat to sound such 'islam kampung' but its obviously sounds christian.

Moose said...


I respect your concern and yes, i'm aware of the origin of the phrase crossing one's fingers comes from christian origin but in modern english language the phrase has become an idiom which is merely a phrase of expression.

I believe that using such expression without including any intention of christian connotation is still permissible in islam.