Mati Semut Kerana Gula, Mati Orang Kerana Diabetes

Last week, I had my 28 weeks check up at the nearby helsestajon or health clinic, it's something like our version of Klinik Kesihatan. I decided to go to helsestajon instead of going to my doctor because I feel no connection with my GP and based on feedback from few friends here, service at helsestajon is much better because you're served by experienced midwives. This 28 weeks check up was a rescheduled check-up since I absent-mindedly missed the 24th weeks check-up a week prior to our trip to Malaysia.

During the check-up, the midwife measured the fundal height, blood pressure, urine test etc. you know, the usual stuff. She then asked if my parents or family have a history of diabetes. Unfortunately, my parents were recently diagnosed with minor diabetes and since it runs in the family and on top of that I'm of Asian ethnicity, I was required to undergo an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) at a nearby hospital.

So today, we arrived there around 9-ish, took a number and within 5 minutes, my turn was up. The nurse withdrew 3 small tubes of blood sample and I was asked to produce urine sample. Then, the dreadful part came. With smile on her face, the same nurse brought along chilled 300ml glucose drink for me to drink. I didn't know what to expect but thank God, it was lemon flavoured and surprisingly wasn't as sweet as I thought it would. But, the aftermath was worse. I'm not a sweet tooth person and normally when I eat or drink something sweet, I had to wash it down immediately with water so imagine how awful it was having have to wait for 2 hours before I can finally drink some water. So wait I did.

At one point, I swear my baby was getting sugar high that s/he can't stop moving. I was almost getting restless myself. Then my turn was up. Took another 3 tubes of blood and urine sample. Unfortunately I can't get immediate result but they will give me a call if anything is unusual. Hopefully the test result comes out ok.

*crossing fingers*

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I imagined that the glucose drink would taste much worse and has a glycerine-like texture tapi nasib baiklah sedap. Cuma naturally, I will not drink anything that sweet jadi bila nak kena habiskan 300ml tu dalam masa 5 minit agak struggle and the after taste tu yang tak best sebab you can still feel the sweetness at the back of your throat. Masa menunggu tu tak boleh minum air maka bertambah-tambahlah rasa mual sebab manis tu. Bila dah selesai semua, 3 gelas air aku minum semata-mata nak hilangkan rasa manis tu. 

Over kan? Over tau. Kbai.


Ami said...

selalu dgr betapa yuckynya air glucose ni,nasib baik dulu i tak kene minum huhu.there's a research that links diabetes and autism;so that's another reason to watch our food intake and weight during pregnancy.

Moose said...

I terkejut gak bila midwife tu cakap i kena buat ogtt ni sebab i know how careful i have been with my food intake & my weight gain is very minimal at 5kg given that i'm already in 3rd trimester. Tapi since dia cakap as precaution measurement, so macam terpaksa rela la.

Hopefully the result will be ok la

LisaLisut said...

Terer aa u xmuntah. I mmgterer bole habis telan.lps tu ms tgu 2jam gtl g mnum air masak skit je sbb xthn.trus muntah.xbgtau nurse sbb nt kene buat balik.haha.result yg ok tu xtau la accurate ke x. I just tawakkal n convince diri sndri i hv ni diabetes smpi beranak.hehe.jgn tiru aksi ini

Cieri said...

kat malaysia wajib buat OGTT kalau umur lebih dr 25yo. kena buat 2x pulak tu. I buat sekali aja,dok mengelat tanak buat lg. kalau kat japan pulak, wajib tuk semua >"<
glucose y I minum lagi yucky. the nurse just bancuh glucose dengan air suam. rasa pun air gula semata2. dengar kata ada tempat siap glucose sejuk n bercarbonated. T.T