Magic In a Jar

I rarely do a product review but whenever I did, they are usually the ones that I personally used and loved. And at the moment, I'm in love with this amazing product from Earth Mama Angel Baby that I coined "magic in a jar" because it truly is - magic.

Image via Earth Mama Angel Baby

EMAB Angel Baby Bottom Balm is a life saver and I have been using it for Aqil from nappy rashes, "ruam susu" to even scratches on the face from his tiny long fingernails. Sometimes I even put the balm for no reason just because I love the refreshing antiseptic smell of tea tree oil. I'm a weirdo, I know.

When he was about 3 weeks old, I noticed that he had acne-like rashes all over his face and neck. Although the nurses said that it's normal for babies to have rashes when they were born, but being the first timer & over concern mother that I was (still am!), I decided to put on a small amount of the balm onto his skin and wallah - rashes gone in 2-3 days. Here, in cases of nappy rash, the nurses would advice you to put on zinc oxide but the thing with zinc oxide is that, it'll leave a whitish residue on his skin that I hate seeing and it is hard to get them off. One of the things that I love about the balm, it won't leave any residue. It's like the baby skin absorbs the goodness of it.

If you're concern on putting chemical-laden creams/lotion on baby's delicate skin - fret not, this balm is 100% organic and even recommended by hospitals. It's gentle to the skin and with the 100% natural ingredients, you know that they got your baby's back, literally. Say no to steroid based creams!

Now that you're convinced, where can you get them? I bought mine at Bee Little and so far, they offer the best price for all the EMAB products that they sell. Besides having the best price (that I found so far) in town, their service is also fast and convenient. You just gotta love a seller like that. For 60 ml, Bee Little is selling it for only RM38 (RRP: RM49.90). The price may seems on the high side but trust me, a little application goes a long way. After 3 months of usage, the balm doesn't look like it had been used. Tak luak lagi pun dalam bekas tu. I think 60 ml can last at least for another 3 months or so. So it's worth the money.

Try it and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.


sumpit said...

ko order from malaysia ke?

Moose said...

Haah. Kat Oslo takde jual. Aritu mak aku poskan sekali dengan barang2 yg dia nak kirim kat aku. Ko check kt web EMAB tu, kat germany ada jual rasanya


Moose..thanks for introducing Bee Little. I was about to order the bottom balm at littlewhiz, RM49.90. Nasib baek baca review u. I just check on Bee Little's FB, they sold EMAB Stretch Oil at RM89. Omg, last time I bought from littlewhiz at RM119.90. I can save a lot if tau awal2.hee. Btw, not that I know bottom balm works on nappy rash. Thanks thanks Moose for the review.

Moose said...

No problem. Glad to share some info.

Asz Miza said...

I memang niat nk bli ni at first tp bila pergi fab mom dia suggestkan pot of gold yg xberapa nk best..i should beli ni nanti..

ashieBee said...

Hello mommy moose :)) i havent try bottom balm before but for the same brand, i used the one for nipple crack tu. very effective jugak! For nappy rash, i use buds and im a happy momma!