Happy New Year

It's only 10.45pm here in Oslo so technically we're still on 1st January 2013. To keep the blog's tradition going, (recap on 2011, 2010, 2009) let's do a recap on what it has been for me during 2012.

In January I moved to Oslo, got knocked up, traveled to Spain in May and Germany in June, gave birth to a wonderful baby boy in September and from then on, the journey to motherhood begins.


*bunyi cengkerik*


Oklah disebabkan kemalasan melanda and I'm actually lost for words, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.


Made the biggest decision of my life and moved to Oslo, Norway to be with the love of my life. The first couple of weeks were the hardest because it was a transition period from used to work to unemployed. Went snow sledging for the first time with H and his friends and had so much fun.

View from our apartment's window on the arrival day

Snow sledging at Frognerseteren


We found out that I was pregnant! I was already a week late when I did the UPT and was over the moon when I was tested positive. We kept the news from most of our friends, even from our closest not until I reached second trimester but our parents knew it 5 minutes later. Haha.


Can't remember what happened in March but nothing much interesting to blog about. Oh, I had my first pregnancy check-up at week 10 and Alhamdulillah had a easy breezy first trimester.


Broke the news to blog-sphere that I was pregnant and was overwhelmed with all the warm wishes. You guys are the best! Went for the Company's skiing trip to Norefjell over the weekend. I was almost 13 weeks pregnant and because of that I couldn't join the fun.

My bump was pretty small and wasn't showing much during this time. Gosh, I miss being pregnant.


Traveled to the Andalusia region in Spain. Been wanting to travel to Spain for as long as I could remember. I was 18 weeks pregnant and Alhamdulillah, during the travel period, I had so much energy that even I was surprised. (Travelogue on Spain can be read here)


Took up knitting to kill boredom. Went to Aalen & Stuttgart, Germany to do some shopping for the baby.


Went back to Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku for about a month and had a blast. Asyik makan, makan & makan je kerjanya.


Celebrated Eid di perantauan after 5 years. Entered third trimester and thought that I still have about 3 months to go but boy, I was wrong. Haha


Gave birth to Aqil Qays on 29.9.12 at mere 35 weeks. Terkejut beruk kau. Haha. The birth itself was a wonderful experience and alhamdulillah I had a fairly easy birth but because he was born early he was treated in NICU for 15 days. It was a nightmare and I was glad that it was over. I was grateful that I have a wonderful husband because if you give me all the money in the world, I won't go back to that 15 days period.


Nasib baik aku ni bukan mudah lemah semangat kalau tak dah lama gila meroyan oi.


The day Aqil was discharged from the hospital was the happiest day of my life! The first week was huru-hara & I was so sleep deprived dan maka bermulalah kes pengabaian blog kesayangan. HAHA.

November & December

Jaga anak. HAHA. Dasar pemalas kau Moose. Oh yeah, we celebrated our second anniversary!

Well, to summarize it all, 2012 has been a good year. It was more meaningful with the arrival of our beloved son and I was so surprised that after all the years of doubting myself, I actually had it in me - the maternal instinct. Hehe. Guess Yaya (and everyone else) was right. When the time comes, you'll know.

So goodbye 2012 and thanks for being such a wonderful year. Here's to another wonderful year, 2013!


Hanie Adzman said...

Oh, Moose, please appreciate all the good time in Norway with your loves one. Nanti dah blk KL, you will missed those private time together... =)

LisaLisut said...

i guess ramai yg in love with 2012 lagi2 ramai yg bersalin in 2012. heheh.same goes to me.

u look glowing lah masa pregnant.

hantar sikit snow ke sini.teringin nk rasa salji lol.happy new year moose and family! :)

Moose said...


Yes, i'm enjoying my time here cuma bila winter tu agak sedikit meroyan cos i hate cold weather and the weather up here can be pretty extreme.


Moose said...


2012 tahun mengawan kan.. Haha ramai gila kot dapat baby tahun lepas. Meh i post kan salji. Lama2 tgk snow boleh naik muak. Haha

Happy new year to you & family too!

sumpit said...

2012, thn mengawan, thn theme baju raya warna biru, thn mayan apocalypse tak jadi @_@

emab takde la kat germany. From US, shipping cost dia $75! Terus aku tak jd nak beli. Tunggu tahun depan jela...