Makcik Urut

We are probably going back to Malaysia end of February, not yet for good but maybe for a week or two. Since I didn't undergo a "proper" confinement period after the delivery, I'm looking forward to have a "berurut" session later. My mom has been pestering me to have one and like every mom, she is so concern of my postpartum well being since I did not do any of the usual bengkung, tangas, urut and tungku. Ok, I did berbengkung but putting on and off the bengkung itself was such a hassle so I decided to skip it after 4 days of wearing it. Sebab tu perut masih macam pregnant women in their first trimester. Padan muka aku.

So, I am in search of a makcik urut. I don't know anyone and need help if any of you can recommend me one. I don't have any specific criteria but she has to be:

  • affordable
  • mobile & can come to the house
  • well-experienced in postpartum massage

If not then I'll probably have to resort to Tanamera's confinement service since that's the only option that I know. I need to make the arrangement now because of the short period of our stay and I know that you have to spend at least 3 consecutive days for the massage and being me, I need to plan a schedule.



Drama Queen said...
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Moose said...


Kak Nur tu she can do postpartum massage ke? I tried searching for your entry on confinement lady but can't seem to find it. You've deleted it?

Drama Queen said...

Kak Nur can do. The post is in my draft ... Hehe...

FadMN said...

Hi u.try kak suzi.add her on fb.Suzilawati Rusli Suzi.no phone dia 016-3965821.I xguna dia masa confinement dulu,sbb so to happen,balik kg.if i bersalin kat kl mmg amik dia.ada la testi kat fb all & she urut serina anak chef wan tu.

Balkidz Hunny said...

hoho. hot issue hari tue. pi lah urut semua mus. badan nak pakai lama. hehe.

ps: kau balik bape hb? jadi tak gathering?

sarahsayangjiman said...

aku pon baru berurut masa balik perlis haritu.makcik tu kata urat abis kembang dah..

nak berurut kat perlis ka kl?

Moose said...


ko berurut kat perlis aritu, makcik urut tu best tak? berapa dia charge? ada contact details?

sarahsayangjiman said...

makcik kat utan aji..tak bapa best sangat..dia tak makcik sangat la..muda sket..

tapi murah siot..rm30 skali urut. aku sempat urut dua kali ja. sebab dia kata luka czer aku tak baik agik..so dia datang dua minggu skali..