Too Much To Do, Too Little Time

Last week H got home and broke the news that his training contract will not be extended and we have to go back in April. It was like dropping an atomic bomb and I was silent for a while. I mean, I know that we'll be back for good soon but soon is not in April. Soon in my mind is at least at the end of 2013 or at least half a year more.

But soon is approaching us sooner than we thought. 

Then it got me thinking that I haven't explore Norway enough. We've never been outside Oslo except for the weekend retreat in April last year. Other than that, nada. We haven't seen aurora borealis and never been to Bergen. They say when you're visiting Norway, there are things that you MUST do and those two are on the list. 

Putting Norway aside, I still haven't had enough of Europe. There are European countries that I haven't visited. Denmark, Brussels, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal just to name a few. And we always tell ourselves that we must return back to Istanbul and London, two places that we've fallen in love so much. 

If everything is going according to what H said, I have about 70 days to enjoy my life here.

It's just like what people say - too much to do, too little time.


Balkidz Hunny said...

Waaaa, back for good?
So cepat lah pulak. aku pun expect kau balik end of 2013.
well, dalam sempat tak sempat harus lah weh pegi jalan mane² yg sempat!

LisaLisut said...

igtkan u nk ckp wah lagi cpt lagi bagus smbil melonjak2 dpt balik malaysia.hahaha. smntra masa masih ada ni,tour la puas2.huhu..

seronoknya dpt bjalan di negara org huhu..selamat pulang :D

cikyuSnida said...

aiyark. tinggal 70 days plus ke? adeh deh. then u must plan something at least lepas balik dr cuti2 kat Malaysia nanti. Bulan 3 ade lagi Mus :D eheh