Body Talk

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Not that we were celebrating it or anything but 3 years ago, we were engaged on the day and suddenly I was feeling nostalgic when looking back at all our engagement photos and reminiscing the good time (and how skinny I was back then!). I think I weighed about 50+ kg kot masa tu. I just joined the gym and man, I was loving my body. Not bonny skinny but toned skinny.

Now sure if you get the drift but for short, my body was hot la. HAHAHA. Perasan.

Don't hate me. Peace no war. HAHA

Yes, it WAS. Now I feel like a blob. Sad.

I still look skinny and I already got my pre-pregnancy weight back but really, for someone who just gained 6-7 kg during the pregnancy, it wasn't that hard. I lost all the pregnancy weight 1 month into confinement and I wasn't doing anything particular. I eat like nobody's business and hungry all the time because I'm breastfeeding. I even jokingly told my husband that I eat more now than when I was pregnant. It's the truth, really. No kidding there. Breastfeeding moms can attest to this.

I would love to start exercising again to tone the body but it's winter (alasan!) so I can't jog. Besides, Aqil is fully on the breasts so I can't leave him with anyone since we don't bottle-trained him because of personal reasons (will blog more about this but I don't know when). The only exercise that I'm doing is walking and if you live without your own transportation, you are bound to do it, a lot. And it's free, so yay!

Hopefully once the weather is a bit warmer, we or I can go to parks for a walk. It's nicer to go to parks when it's not freezing cold and the ground is not laced with snow and ice. And I don't have to frantically look for cafe/deli/restaurant if Aqil suddenly wakes up for milk because I can nurse him there and then. Oslo is practically a breastfeeding friendly place so you won't get stared at if you are NiP. So, another yay!

Tell me - how do you mommies, lose the pregnancy weight?


LisaLisut said...

Pergh terer gile dh dpt blk pre pregnancy weight. Bf mmg mbntu la wpn u mkn byk. Tp it goes to baby as milk xksh la gmuk pn kan huhu. I still struggle nk turunkn brt bdn. Well i mls pn ye jgk. Mak suruh spu lotion pn procrastinate pdn la muka. D least i could do pn exercise, main badmnton n kurgkn mkn... huhu..
Btw,thx for d tips. Rumah xde heater tu yg i boil water, tp my bb g celup tgn dlm bks air tu ms ktorg wt steaming kt dia.sbr jelah. Kne continue buat lg smpi btul2 hilang. Tq.

sumpit said...

i think losing the weight is not as hard as getting the pre-pregnancy shape. Aku pon still like... blergh!
Dulu i was underweight, but i think i had a shape la jugak.
Now, my weight is ideal, but that extra fat is all over the place. Menyampah!

dytia said...

I cant help u much cos I am at the same stage 1 year from delivery still. But now baby is active - you had to chase baby around the house and carry heavier them around kind of help me lose weight. Plus breastfeeding. So now back to prepregnant weight - after losing 12 kg of pregnancy weight.

sarahsayangjiman said...

i gained instead of losing the weight. sigh,,

Moose said...


betul tu! nak get the pre-pregnancy shape tu yang susah.

sedih tau tgk perut sendiri sekarang ni. i had to always remind myself that i just delivered a baby & it's understandable that i still have a belly. haish

Haneesa said...

i can so relate...

after i gave birth, i didnt want to pressure myself into getting my pre pregnancy weight but gave myself a timeline. 9 months to gain, means 9 months to lose. and i kinda succeeded.

HOWEVER. i don't think i can ever ever ever get my shape back.

my mom confirmed this. she said orang kalau dah bersalin, no matter how kurus you become, you will not get your shape back and air muka you pun jatuh.

i know this doesnt help to make you feel better, but at least i hope you don't feel so alone in this.

coz we're all in the same boat now *cries*