Sex Symbol


As per the hospital's regulations, after I delivered I had to stay at the postpartum ward for 3 days. On the second day postpartum, a middle age midwife came to me for the usual routine check up i.e. taking blood pressure, check the uterus etc. I commented on how engorged my breasts were and since Aqil was in NICU and hand-expressing technique didn't work well with me, I requested for a breast pump.

She then said, "You must've felt like Dolly Parton with those engorged boobs"

I laughed hard and she lent me an Ameda hospital grade pump and then happily showed me how it works.

She also shared her breastfeeding tips based on her successful experience. All her 3 children were breastfed. I still remember one of the things that she said to me;

"From now on, your boobs are no longer a sex symbol. They're now food for your baby"

And yerp, that's how I think Aqil sees me now -  a source of food and comfort.


Ayuni Ayatillah said...

This post made me laugh out loud! Hahah. The nurse must be very lovely and friendly to help you with your breastfeeding! :) Which hospital was that?

Moose said...

She was lovely indeed. Rasa macam sembang dengan mak sendiri. It was Ullevål hospital on Oslo, Norway. I'm glad that I had nice experience giving birth here in Oslo, the hospitals are natural birth & breastfeeding friendly