Gay Men Boyfriends Are Women Best Friend

I thrifted a men's grey wool cardigan at the second-hand shop 2 weeks ago. Initially I though that since it's men's cardigan it would be long enough for me to wear it as a long baggy cardigan. But that was not before my bf saw it and said that it don't fit me and that I looked trashy in it, but wait! the surprise is yet to come.. he tried and liked it! he even persuade me to give it to him! Apparently a few days before he bought himself a black cardigan and now he's in this phase of experimenting the whole preppy smart "Gossip Girl" kinda look. And yes, this coming from a guy who always warned me not to shop so much. *Sigh* Although he won't/never admit that he enjoys shopping, I know deep inside he does! But wait, that would be great right? I now have a shopping buddy! *giggles* Oh, it would so much fun! Lets just hope he's not gay, no! The only downside is that I can't thrift any men's wear anymore or he'll snatch them from me, too!

Cardigan: thrifted
Long top: H&M
Leggings: Zara
Belt: H&M
Leg warmers: H&M
Boots: Vintage

In my previous post I did mentioned about the two vintage shoes that I won at Ebay, so I present you..*drum rolls*

[L-R: 80's vintage camel coloured pumps, my toes crying for help]

I freaking love this shoes but they are tad too tight for me! As you can see in the second pic, I swear I can hear my toes screaming, oh poor them. My friend told me that beauty is pain but I don't wanna end up being cripple for the rest of my life just because some vintage shoes won't fit my big feet. Boo-ho!

60's vintage 'Budapest' pump

The reason why left foot is bare and the right wears fishnet stockings? None. I'm cuckoo, that's all.

p/s: my bf thinks the 2nd shoes is cute. I'm a happy girl. :)

Correction: the cardigan is not thrifted at second-hand shop, but rather at Ebay. I forgot about that.


reena said...

OMG! The sweater is bloody cunnnnn okayyyyy.I want one alsoooo!

yanny said...

at first i thot..the cardi is..ok..

but then, on u, it looked fabulous!!!

for me, its hard to pull off mens wear..but u made it look soo easy!!!
n i like ur knee high socks, is it!?
waaaayyyy cool!

Moose said...

@reena: oh really? i thought it was so-so. :) and i dont get it why my bf want it so much? men.. *sigh*
@yanny: geez,thanks! *blush*. They're leg warmers btw, and it's been ages since i wear 'em.


i love the grey sweater... and ur ebay finds... the sweater look tres good on u. i found one a couple of days ago to, at a thrift shop..ha..ha..

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