Review: Wedding Decoration

The Dais

I gotta be really honest here. When I was doing the wedding preparation, pelamin was the last thing that I am concern with. All I know is that I wanted it to be simple, sturdy enough to hold certain amount of people during the photo session without runtuh (harharhar), and not too semak that people can barely see the bride and groom.

With tight budget, looking for a nice and decent pelamin can be a headache. I had blogged about it here, here and here. To cut the story short, my pelamin decorator is Ali (Putra Palace). He is a decorator at the Putra Palace hotel and he's doing a part-time as a pelamin decorator. Out of all the 4 potential pelamin decorator that I met, Ali's price met my budget and furthermore he only uses fresh flowers. So I hired him. And here's the outcome:

My only comment is that, during our discussion, I specifically told him that I want cream, beige and yellow coloured flowers only. I didn't want roses (because they're expensive) and would settle for much lesser flowers such as chrysanthemum, eustoma or the likes. Also, I didn't want flower arrangement that is so full of leaves that you barely notice the flowers. The only leaves that I requested for was ivy leaves.

As you can see, he delivered me the opposite.

But since pelamin was not my top priority, I decided to let it go plus I was so stressed out with unnecessary last minute drama and what not, that flower arrangement seemed so petty to me. Besides, he also mentioned that he didn't manage to do the full flowers arrangement that I asked for because it was Christmas and that certain flowers are not available. He also gave 2 side table flowers in my bedroom for free which I guess, that was his way of saying sorry.

If you live in Perlis and would love to have fresh flowers pelamin, maybe you can consider him because his price is very reasonable compared to other bridal boutique in Perlis. He does decoration for high table and bedroom too.

The Hand Bouquet

I always knew that I wanted to DIY the hand bouquet. I took the time to watch various videos on YouTube for this particular DIY activity. At first, I was planning on having white daisies and yellow pom-poms for my solemnization and button hand bouquet for my reception. Sadly, time was not on my side. Half-way through the button bouquet, I decided to ditch it all together and resort to something more easy to do. Hence the yellow and cream roses for my reception. During solemnization, I had yellow pingpong flower and yellow/cream gerberas to hold onto. Decided to use them because I didn't buy enough white daisies as they're all been used up to decorate the S and H initials for the decoration (as you can see in our solemnization video)

Yellow and white gerbera

Cream/yellow roses and yellow pompom

I love the gerberas because they added that cutesy and fun look that I so yearn for my wedding. And roses though cliche will always have that classic and timeless look.

As for tandang, remember this post?. I didn't listen to my instinct when I know I should have! The hotel provided me this awful last minute white roses hand bouquet! I couldn't even look at it had Kak Sai's assistant did not added the greens. I even don't know where to begin to describe how ugly it was. The roses was not kembang, it got a plastic holder (urgh, the ultimate ugliness!), the stems were cut too short that some of the roses fell off from the flower oasis (that green spongy thingy) and the size was so small. I know that if I were to DIY the hand bouquet myself, it would look 10 times cantik than that!

So small kan? I hate the bouquet!

Next, on hantaran, centerpiece and other related decorations..


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Moose, cantiklah jugak the dais. I think what's important is the lighting. If the lighting is good, the seri from the pelamin will be there. Plus, the yellow and cream colours are really nice together. I never consider yellow before this but eh, cantiklah pulak. Hihi.

Hey, full pictures of your reception dress please!! Hehe. Tak acilah gambar semua duduk. Nak tengok full length baju yang lawa itu! Did you buy Haikal's white songket at City One Plaza too?

Zariza said...

Moose : sorry za x dpt hadir 25hb tu..bz buat persiapan utk majlis 26/12...

hidden.wing said...

Moose, aku pun tapaham apsal vendor suka pakai plastic holder tu...dah la mahal, rigid pulak tu kena susun bunga ikut kotak2 pfft!!

reena said...

sayang yg 2nd hand bouquet tu tak kembang. Tapi i suka je yang 1st punya.

Moose said...

yellow and cream always have that timeless, chic, romantic and classic look. well, that's how i look at it. hehe.

nanti i upload gambar baju i but honestly, there's not too much details to see pun.

no prob. i dah dpt agak pun. hehe

tau takpe. dahla holder tu buruk. hand-tied hand bouquet lagi cantik n senang nak buat lagi. memang dasar pemalas betul decorator hotel tu.

i hate my hand bouquet masa tandang! tak kembang tu 1 hal but knowing that kind of outcome came from concorde hotel's decorator? baik lah hire i..haha

Moose said...

haikal's songket for nikah was bought in kelantan from che minah songket.